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Shoulder Holsters


Shoulder holsters are one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. They offer a high level of concealability while still providing quick and easy access to your firearm. Whether you're wearing a jacket or a t-shirt, a shoulder holster can be easily hidden beneath your clothing. And because they distribute the gun's weight across both shoulders, they are much more comfortable to wear for extended periods than other types of holsters. Here are some benefits:

Carries Gun Safely and Securely

One of the primary benefits is that it helps you carry your gun safely and securely. It is designed to hold your gun in place so that it does not move around or fall out, which could be dangerous. Additionally, a shoulder holster typically has a strap or other type of closure that helps keep the gun in place and makes it more difficult for someone to take it without your permission.

Keeps Gun Within Reach

Another benefit is that it helps keep your gun within reach at all times. If you need to use your weapon, you will not waste time fumbling around in your pocket or purse to find it. Additionally, if you are in a situation where you need to draw your gun quickly, having it in a shoulder holster will help you do so more quickly and efficiently.

Conceals Gun Effectively

If you carry a concealed weapon, a shoulder holster can help conceal your gun effectively. Shoulder holsters are typically worn under a jacket or other type of clothing, which can help hide the gun's outline and make it less likely for someone to know that you are carrying a weapon. Additionally, many shoulder holsters come with a flap or cover that can further conceal the gun.

Allows for Quick Draw

Another benefit is that it allows for a quick draw if you need to use your gun. Shoulder holsters typically have the gun positioned so that it can be easily reached and drawn, which can help you get your weapon into action more quickly than if it were in another type of holster. Additionally, some shoulder holsters come with unique features such as thumb breaks or trigger guards that can help make the draw even quicker and easier.

Comfortable to Wear

One final benefit is that they are generally quite comfortable to wear. Shoulder holsters distribute the gun's weight evenly across both shoulders, which can help reduce fatigue when wearing them for extended periods. Additionally, many shoulder leather holsters are adjustable, which allows you to find the perfect fit for your body size and shape.

At Wright Leather Works® LLC, we make the highest-quality shoulder holsters available. We start with only the finest top-grain leather; our hardware is all solid brass. Our holsters are designed for comfort and concealability and are proudly made in the USA. If you're looking for a shoulder holster that will provide years of dependable service, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our products or place an order online. Thanks for choosing Wright Leather Works® LLC!