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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Leather Shoulder Holsters


Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are one of the more popular ways for those on the go who need to carry their guns along, and with good reason. Known for their superior concealment, these holsters offer quick, effortless access to your gun. Every shoulder holster designed by Wright Leather Works® LLC is comfortable and precisely fitted since it is curved to the shoulder. The edges are sanded to a flawless finish. This aids in keeping moisture from penetrating the leather's edges. To preserve the finish, they are further polished and covered with a transparent coating. Our hidden shoulder holsters are made to hold your gun securely while enabling quick access when necessary. Our holsters are made to last for extended hours, making them a favored choice for most who want an easy and comfortable carry.

Why Choose Our Shoulder Holsters?

  • Comfortable Wear: One of the best reasons to buy our shoulder holsters is the comfort they offer. Because they evenly distribute the weight of the handgun across both shoulders, they help reduce fatigue when worn for extended hours. In addition, many types of shoulder holsters are adjustable, allowing you the perfect fit for your body type and size.
  • Keeps Your Firearm Close: Wright Leather Works® LLC's shoulder holsters guarantee your gun will be where you wear it. If and when you ever need to use it, you won't have to spend time searching for your gun. You will be able to draw your weapon faster in an emergency.

Features and Benefits

  • They are Safe: Our shoulder holsters are designed to keep your pistol from shifting or falling out - a belt and strap attached to the holster make it more difficult for others to snatch it from you.
  • They are Comfortable When Worn: Under our shoulder holsters, you can conceal your firearm comfortably. Ordinarily, shoulder holsters are worn under coats. They reduce the likelihood of people detecting a pistol.
  • They Allow a Quick Draw: In case of an emergency, our shoulder holsters allow you to easily and quickly draw your firearm. This ensures that in self-defense situations you can use your gun effectively and efficiently.


Do I need a holster for a revolver?

Similar to a pistol, a revolver must be carried in an appropriate holster that can be worn within or outside the waistline and should be safely concealed from the public eye to avoid unwanted attention and panic.

Why choose a shoulder holster?

When belt-mounted holsters aren't convenient or comfortable, a shoulder holster is a great substitute for people who would rather not carry a handgun over their waist or ankle. It provides quick access that is convenient to use, whether sitting or standing.

Can a shoulder holster be used for concealed carry?

If you spend a lot of time in a car, it is excellent for concealed carry. Although draw speed is typically slower than with strong side OWB holsters, it's still safer than appendix carry and more secure than cross-draw. It could work if you wear a jacket daily.

Is a shoulder holster suitable for all body types?

yes, most shoulder holsters are designed to accommodate all body types. Keeping that in mind, their adjustable harness systems and many other features can be used to adjust the fit of a holster by pulling on the straps. The rest of the weight is shared between the two shoulders, making for a comfortable carry experience.