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Leather Holster Care & Maintenance

Maintaining your Wright Leather Works holster is easy. Just follow a few simple rules and your new leather holster will last a lifetime.

Our holsters are all hand made and finished. Out of the box, your holster may be a tight fit and will require some break in time. The best way is to draw and holster your weapon until you are happy with the fit. Also the more you wear your new stiff fitting holster the more comfortable it becomes. There is also a technique called blocking that you can do to help break in your holster.

Blocking: using the plastic bag that you received your holster in, take your pistol, put it in the plastic bag and wrap the pistol with the plastic bag. Insert the plastic wrapped gun into the holster making sure that it is seated properly in the holster. Let it rest for at least an hour and up to overnight. Remove and test fit without the plastic bag. 


Holster Care Do’s & Dont’s

Do: Occasionally clean your new holster with Fiebing's foaming saddle soap or Bick 4 leather conditioner. This is the only routine maintenance we suggest for your holster. A regular cleaning can greatly improve the serviceability of your beloved new holster.

Don’t: Expose your holster to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
Don’t: Submerge or saturate your leather product in water or any other liquid.
Don’t: Dry your leather product with heat from a hair dryer, oven, radiator, direct sunlight, etc.
Don’t: Use oils such as Neats Foot or Mink oil, as they will saturate and soften the leather too much causing the leather to lose its molding.