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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

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Leather IWB Holsters


IWB Holsters

For both open and concealed carry, IWB holsters are an excellent option. They are comfortable and allow you to have your weapon close at hand. Wright Leather Works® LLC's IWB Holsters are skillfully made in the USA using premium leather and high-quality workmanship. We always use the best materials to ensure that your holster will last a lifetime. Whether you want to carry your firearm covertly or openly, our IWB holster is perfect for any circumstance. It is due to our careful design, your IWB holster will provide you with years of comfort and usage.

Why Choose Our IWB Holsters?

  • Specific Precision: Our IWB holsters are meticulously crafted with one thing in mind, precision. With this kind of exactness, you can rest assured that your firearm or revolver will fit snugly into the holster for long and safe carrying.
  • Superior Concealment Comfort: Get the best in hidden carry comfort only found with our IWB holsters. Discreet without bulk, they feature padded backs to provide a comfortable footle all day long and at any time.
  • Carry Versatility: If you are looking for inside-the-belt carry options, our Wright Leather Works® LLC IWB holster is what you need. Its position is tailored to fit your body and satisfy your preferences for carry style.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Draw and Re-holster: Our IWB holster is positioned for a high-grip draw on the firearm. The strategic positioning on the body ensures quick and efficient draws and makes retention better as well by keeping the gun in place after carry.
  • Strong and Durable: Our IWB holsters are made from materials that are strong and durable. The use of high-quality hide and construction provides consistent performance. 
  • Comfort-Optimized Design: Our IWB holsters prioritize comfort with an ergonomic design that distributes the firearm's weight evenly across the waistband. In this way, we ensure a comfortable and easy carrying experience throughout your day.


Is it better to carry IWB or AIWB?

Since AIWB demands a particular grip angle, it's best practice to acquire a holster made with that in mind. A lot of strong-side IWB holsters are designed to make grip angles simpler when drawing from the side or slightly behind the hip.

What is the most comfortable IWB carry position?

The IWB carry position that feels the most comfortable is at a 12 o'clock position, which is directly under the belly button. This is the best stance for someone who likes to carry a longer rifle. This is the ideal posture for you if you choose to wear your IWB holster for extended hours. The pistol is less likely to pierce your body when you sit down.

What is the best type of holster for a revolver?

Compared to leather holsters, Kydex holsters are more comfortable to wear and easier to conceal since it is thinner and lighter than leather. Comfort is important while carrying a rifle for longer hours. Having said that, our IWB leather holsters are lightweight and a great choice for anyone seeking style and a comfortable carry.

Do I need a holster for a revolver?

Similar to a pistol, a revolver must be carried in an appropriate inside-the-waistline (IWB) holster and can be worn outside the waistband. Contrary to popular belief, both a concealed carry revolver and a pistol are equally easy.