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OWB Holsters


OWB holsters are one of the most popular types on the market due to their versatility and comfortable fit. OWB holsters can be worn on the hip, the most common position, or on the side. OWB holsters can also be worn inside or outside the waistband. Wright Leather Works® LLCOWB holsters are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide a snug fit that will keep your gun in place while you are active. OWB holsters also allow you to easily access your firearm when needed, which is essential for self-defense. Whether you are looking for a holster for concealed carry or open carry, Wright Leather Works® LLC's OWB holsters are an excellent option.

Why do people prefer OWB Holster?


The OWB holster provides excellent security for your firearm, as it keeps the gun snug against the body and prevents it from slipping or shifting while you are active. This is especially important when carrying concealed, as a secure holster helps to ensure that your gun remains unnoticed and out of sight.

Easy Re-Holstering

OWB holsters also make reholstering your gun easy, thanks to their snug fit and adjustable retention devices. This allows you to quickly re-holster your weapon after drawing it, which is essential for self-defense scenarios. Additionally, the OWB holster often has thumb breaks or other retention devices that help keep the gun secure while carrying.


OWB holsters are also highly versatile, as they can be worn in various ways. OWB holsters can be worn on the hip, inside the waistband, or outside the waistband, depending on your preference and needs. Additionally, OWB holsters often have adjustable retention devices that allow you to adjust the holster's fit to accommodate different clothing styles and body types.


OWB Firearm holsters are also very comfortable to wear for extended periods, as they distribute the gun's weight evenly across your body when worn in a traditional position (on the hip). Additionally, OWB holsters often have a padded backing that helps make them even more comfortable to wear.


OWB gun holsters also provide easy access to your gun, typically positioned close to the body to conceal the weapon. This allows you to quickly and easily reach for your firearm when needed, making the OWB holster an excellent option for self-defense or other situations where quick access is essential. Additionally, OWB holsters often have adjustable retention devices that make it even easier to draw your weapon without having to fiddle with the holster first.