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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

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Leather OWB Holsters


OWB Holster

Wright Leather Works® LLC's OWB holsters are a great choice whether you're searching for a concealed carry or open carry holster. Our OWB holsters are among the most often used varieties available because of their adaptability and cozy fit. The most popular way to wear our OWB holster is on the hip, although it may also be worn on the side. High-quality materials are used to craft our OWB holster, which fits snugly and holds your gun in place while you're moving. In addition, the OWB holster makes it simple for you to draw your gun when necessary, which is crucial for self-defense.

Why Choose Our OWB Holster?

  • Flexibility: Because they may be worn in a variety of ways, OWB holsters are also incredibly adaptable. Depending on your needs and preferences, OWB holsters can be worn on the hip, within the waistline, or outside the waistband. Furthermore, Wright Leather Works® LLC’s OWB holsters frequently have retention mechanisms to suit various body shapes and garment designs.
  • Convenience: When worn in the usual position (on the hip), our OWB holster equally distributes the gun's weight over your body, making it incredibly comfortable to wear for extended hours.

Features and Benefits

  • Safety: Your firearm will be extremely secure in our OWB holster as it holds it firmly against your body and protects it from slipping or moving while you are moving. This is crucial while carrying concealed since a tight-fitting holster makes sure your pistol stays hidden and invisible.
  • Simple Re-Holstering: Wright Leather Works® LLC’s OWB holsters have adjustable retention systems and tight fit, enabling you to reholster your handgun fast after drawing it, which is crucial in situations involving self-defense.
  • Easy to Access: Our OWB holsters, which are usually worn close to the body to hide the weapon, also offer simple access to your firearm. Because it makes it simple and quick to retrieve your gun when necessary.


Can you conceal OWB?

Most people don't know that you can wear a carry-on outside of your waistline for over half the year. Inside-the-waistband carry is not the end of concealed carry. Often, or even if you have a light jack, a big shirt will work well to hide some OWB carry alternatives.

What is the best OWB holster?

When choosing the "best" OWB holster depends on your personal preferences and carry style. Having said that, if you use an optic, then a Reflex-Optics-Ready (ROR) holster may be just the ticket--it compliments those fancy sights. Before you buy a holster, just think: are you partial to carrying it inside your clothing? Outside? Cross Draw? (Inside-the-Waistband - IWB, Outside-the-Waistband - OWB, or Cross Draw) What are your most important considerations--comfortable to carry? Discreet? Does it need to be compatible with an optic?

How do I choose the right OWB holster?

These are the key factors to take into account. Look for durable materials such as high-quality leather, adjustable retention features, and other features that suit your preferred carry position. Don't forget to consider comfort with padded backings and ergonomic designs as a priority. To make your purchase, take into account the brand’s reputation and budget.

What holster does the military use for Glock 19?

In holster design, the military often chooses a military-grade polymer Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) holster to holster the Glock 19. These holsters are crafted to be durable and useful; good polymer products can stand up to hard conditions. The OWB is convenient for the Glock 19; hence is a stable and reliable choice among the military.