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Maverick™ Shoulder Rig


Unfortunately the editorial article in the December 2016 issue of Guns & Ammo listed and incorrect MSRP. The price listed on our website is correct. Sorry for any confusion.


The Maverick™ Shoulder Rig is a horizontal shoulder rig and the complete package for shoulder holster setup.

It include:
Maverick™ Shoulder Harness
Maverick™ Shoulder Holster
Your choice of Maverick™ Shoulder Mag Holster or Maverick™ Harness Connector
All the swivels and hardware
2ml tube of Vibra-loc thread locker

Right Hand = holster mounts on the LEFT SIDE

Left Hand = holster mounts on the RIGHT SIDE

Single action only pistols will be made to be carried cocked and locked. EX: 1911, SIG P238 & P938, Kimber Micro etc.
***Thumb break to go between the hammer and firing pin***

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