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Old World Gun Belt

To say our Old World Gun Belt is beautiful is an understatement. Made from Hermann Oak's world famous Old World Harness, this leather is thick, sturdy, and stuffed with oils and tallows to hold up to any condition... anywhere. This leather has a slightly "distressed" look when new and it only gets better with age. It will darken and patina over time and acquire its own unique character. Each piece is as unique and individual as you are. This belt is the perfect anchor for your carry rig.  

1.5" wide, and approximately 15 oz. (1/4" thick). You can also choose between 3 different high quality stainless steel belt buckles, the "Standard", the "Roller" or upgrade to the "304SS". The buckles are attached with Chicago screws so you can remove the buckle and put your own on if you choose. Also the 7 punched holes give you plenty of adjustment.

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Buckle Upgrade

304SS Buckle Upgrade:

Engineered and Machined in rural Ohio with unmatched style, quality, function, feel, and durability in mind.

Each buckle is constructed from several components that begins as 304 stainless steel bar stock. No castings, forgings, or metal injection molded components are used. CNC machining transforms rough bar stock into nearly finished components through many different operations. After all the components are CNC machined and inspected, they are hand fitted and assembled to ensure all components fit together as they were designed. The buckle is then disassembled, and the individual parts are hand stoned, polished, cleaned, and inspected.

Design Features
- Rollers on either side of the prong for a smooth rolling action
- Center roller for prong to rest on
- Prong shape and arch for a perfect fit with center roller
- All components machined from 304 stainless steel, then hand stoned and polished

Old World Gun Belt style
Old World Gun Belt Style 2


We recommend you measure your current belt from the buckle fold to the hole you are currently wearing. That measurement will be the size you need to order. That measurement will be from the buckle fold to the center hole on your new gun belt.

Wright Leather Works is not responsible for incorrectly ordered belts.

Old World Gun Belt sizing