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Maverick™ Shoulder Holster

The Maverick™ Shoulder Holster is specifically built to work seamlessly with the Maverick™ Shoulder Rig. It is very similar to our Predator Pancake Holster but features a thumb break for safety carrying it in the Maverick™ Shoulder Rig. 

Right Hand = holster mounts on the LEFT SIDE

Left Hand = holster mounts on the RIGHT SIDE

Single action only pistols will be made to be carried cocked and locked. EX: 1911, SIG P238 & P938, Kimber Micro etc.
***Thumb break to go between the hammer and firing pin***

For more information on our different holster collections please see our Holster Collections page.

Sleigh Bells Door Hangers

Our handmade sleigh bell door hangers are now available.

Available only while supplies last!