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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Gun Cleaning Bench Mat

Full grain leather gun cleaning bench mat. It measures 12” x18” and is natural in color with a hand rubbed oil finish and branded with our “WLW” logo. This natural color will patina and darken over time especially with exposure to any sun light. These pieces have beautiful natural markings, wrinkles, pox, and scars.

Gun Cleaning Mat

Wright Leather Works® LLC's gun cleaning mats are made of full-grain leather, giving it a touch of elegance. Distinctively, the natural color, enhanced by our hand-rubbed oil finish, adds to its overall appeal. Our gun cleaning mats offer a safe and durable cleaning and maintenance surface on which to work. Moreover, the neutral color and elegant design make it a very adaptable mat for all workspaces. These mats are functional, with a hint of sophistication, and have an aesthetic appeal. These essential accessories will enhance your firearm care, blending practicality with classic flair. Upgrade your gun care with ease today!

Why Choose Our Gun Cleaning Mats?
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Our gun cleaning mats are individually shaped from Wright Leather Works® LLC's full-grain leather to create a premium, durable surface to exceed your expectations with firearms maintenance.
  • Prominent Branding: Each mat is a badge of distinction emblazoned with our "WLW" trademark and lets consumers in on its intention to stand out from the rest. At the same time, it underscores a commitment to quality.
Features and Benefits
  • Design flexibility: Measuring 12" x 18", our gun mats offer plenty of space to clean and care for guns in several situations. Ideal for the enthusiast with many different guns.
  • Distinctive Beauty:Each gun cleaning mat showcases natural markings, wrinkles, and scars. Every mat is an original work of craftsmanship that is practical and possesses individual character.
  • Soft-durable elegance:Each gun cleaning mat has a natural color, and the premium leather is polished with hand-rubbed oil for an excellent finish. 
  • Timeless Patina:The Wright Leather Works® LLC gun cleaning mats' natural color deepens and takes on a beautiful patina over time, especially if exposed to sunlight - ensuring that your mat will grow more gracefully with age while preserving its visual aesthetics.

Are gun cleaning mats necessary?

A gun cleaning mat's main function is to shield the area underneath it. Surfaces such as tabletops and work surfaces may sustain damage from cleaning agents, oils, and dirt. Acting as a barrier, the mat keeps dangerous materials from your furniture's surface.

What can you use as a gun cleaning mat?

The Gun Cleaning Pad shields surfaces and weapons from spills and scratches during cleaning. The unique material wicks away moisture and absorbs and holds liquids thanks to its soft, felt-like composition. The backing is waterproof and slip-resistant, preventing solvents, oils, and cleansers from seeping through.

What is the best thing to clean my gun?

The best gun cleaning agent depends on the firearm type and your particular cleaning requirements. But a popular option often cited is an exclusive gun solvent or cleaner combined with a quality gun cleaning brush and patches. Be sure to follow all the manufacturer's instructions on products for cleaning and handling the weapon to maintain its quality.

What material are gun cleaning mats made of?

Gun cleaning mats are typically made from various materials: Leather, Wool, and Waxed Canvas. At Wright Leather Works® LLC, our gun cleaning mats are exclusively made of full grain leather, ensuring our mat will last a lifetime and drivability.