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Cobra™ Hybrid Holster

The Cobra is a hybrid OWB/IWB pancake style holster. It allows you to carry anyway you want to carry it. Giving you multiple options depending on the situation and your clothing choice.

The OWB configuration of wearing the Cobra Hybrid holster can and should be worn anywhere that you, the carrier, feels most comfortable. We would suggest just behind your strong side hip in the 4 or 5 o'clock position. This seems to be the most common and the most comfortable position in our humble opinion. It features 1-3/4" belts slots to accommodate any belt you own.

The IWB configuration of wearing the Cobra Hybrid holster features high ride leather belt straps or tuck-able deep concealment clips are also available as an add-on item. Both are available in 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" belt widths.

High-ride leather straps: great for medium to full size pistols and feature Pull-The-Dot® snaps that stay closed.

Tuckable deep concealment clips: great for smaller framed pistols or when you want your firearm to ride lower in the pants. Plus they make the holster tuck-able.

For more information on our different holster collections please see our Holster Collections page.

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