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These are leather holster reviews from some of our actual customers. We could sit here all day and write pages and pages of why you should choose Wright Leather Works to be part of your concealed carry rig, but that isn’t what you want to hear, and it is certainly not what we want to do. So check out what others are saying about the products they have received to help you make your decision. 

Please note we have stopped adding testimonials to this page and now ask customers to rate and review right from the holster pages.

  • I would like to commend and highly recommend WLW for their personal service, responsiveness and customer focused effort in the purchase of my Predator holster. No other major holster maker would even consider working with me in modifying a holster or even verifying if a holster will accommodate my Laserlyte laser. This is what separates manufacturers that build to suit their customers needs from one that requires customers to purchase their weapons and accessories to meet the holster manufactures capabilities. The supplier focused on customer satisfaction will always be the preferred solution. Thanks...Stephen 4/16
  • I received my holster for my LCR today.  In this day and age, it's unusual to order an item then have it exceed your expectations when you get it, but your holster did just that. Great workmanship and fits my LCR perfectly. I'll be ordering another for my Shield shortly. I couldn't be happier and I just wanted you to know. Thanks, Randy 3/16
  • It seemed like a long wait for my Predator but it was well worth it, perfection. I've had a CCW for many years but rarely bothered to carry. The current social climate made me resolve to carry full time. I wanted a rig that was as comfortable and practical for routine wear as my wallet. In the Wright Leatherworks Predator and the Kimber Micro 1911, I have my rig. It goes on in the morning with my pants and stays on till bedtime, like my wallet I am not aware it is there. Fit (to gun and me) is perfect. Quality and craftsmanship is impeccable. I've had many guns and holsters in my 75 year life. Don't recall ever having one to equal the Predator. Terry 3/16
  • Good afternoon. Have wanted to thank you for some time for providing your excellent products.  In todays "throw away society" quality such as what your company provides is almost unheard of. Over the past year I have purchased several versions of your holsters and belts for my collection of firearms, the Predator and Banshee being my preference .  The quality received is nothing less than consistently outstanding.  Since receiving and using your products I have sold the offerings I had previously used from two other companies as there simply is no comparison in function, finish and quality.  Thanks again and rest assured when the need arises for carry products in the future I see no reason other than to look to your company for those needs. Respectfully Lance Jones 3/16
  • I have been wearing my holster almost every day now and I must tell you that I love it!  You did an excellent job on the construction of the holster, it fits perfectly, stays where it should, and rides just right.  You have a lifetime customer in me.  It is obvious you know your craft. Thank you. Robert TX 2/16
  • I recently purchased a Predator Pancake Holster and ordered the Master Collection upgrade. I'm retired and have worn the holster everyday for 2 weeks and I must tell you that in my many years of association with carry holsters, your holsters are the best I've ever encountered. Quality leather, workmanship and superior fit makes your holsters the best on the market. The holster to body fit is superior and very comfortable. I believe the holster should be completely broke in within the next few weeks. 100% satisfied. Thank you...Gene Fort Worth, Tx 11/15
  • When I received my Texas CHL, I went looking for a holster for my Sig Sauer 1911 (Texas Edition). It took a bit of research, both in the print media and online, but I was finally able to find a source, and the only one I might add, that produced a quality product for the Sig 1911. I placed my order, and when I received the holster, it was everything that I wanted and then some!!! It is an awesome example of the craftsmanship that Wright Leather Works puts into everything they make. I was so impressed, that I ordered a belt as it is 1/4 inch Bull Hide and easily supports the weight of the holster and the weapon. I had just ordered a Double Magazine holder and have no doubt it will be just as impressive. If you are in the market for high quality leather holsters, belts, and/or magazine holders, I recommend you talk to Scott or Brandon Wright as they are easily among the best in the business. A.E Roberts Texas 10/15
  • You guys do excellent work!!  I have been wearing my new holster for my M&P Shield for a couple weeks now and can't say enough good things about it.  Nice leather, perfect stitching, great fit, and very comfortable to wear.  I will be sure to recommend Wright Leather Works to anyone looking for a top quality gun holster. David 9/15
  • I simply wish to express my overwhelming satisfaction with my new Predator Pancake holster. It is superb workmanship with a touch of class that I have not seen in this Industry. Thank You Very Much. John 8/15
  • I recently received the Dutch SOB holster and Mag-Clip for a Sig Sauer 938. I just wanted to tell you that it is the best holster I've ever bought! Hence, I placed addition orders for 4 Predator holsters & a belt. I recommend your holsters to all of my friends. The end product is well worth the 12 week wait period. You've earned my business and loyalty by producing a first class product. Thank You!!! Michael 8/15
  • For those of you on the CCW path, I have found what I think to be the best holsters I have ever used to date reasonably priced and quality second to none super comfortable!!! Ask Defensive Training 7/15
  • I received the holster today and want to say it was worth the wait. Your craftsmanship is more than I expected, I will definitely get many years of service from it. Al 7/15
  • I am in receipt of the (Regulator) holster you made for my Ruger 380.  What a beautiful piece of work!  The old saying "You get what you pay for" couldn't be more true.  No more off the rack holster for me. Great workmanship, great look and great fit. Walter 4/15
  • My IWB Cruiser is OUTSTANDING! WLW's workmanship & quality are the BEST. While still looking for a holster for my new XDs, a competitor holster maker even recommended WLW over their own product. Frankly, that is what sold me on buying from WLW. I was not disappointed. The XDs pistol w/ CTC laser fit like a glove in it. In addition, the IWB Cruiser is much more concealable and rides better than the stock polymer holster. If you want the best at a reasonable price, buy from Wright Leather Works. Robert B. 11/14
  • I received the Marshall-008 and have now worn it about two months.  After three previous holsters The Wright is the winner by a mile.  My Glock 19 fits like a glove and rides higher than the others which I like.  I forget I have it on.  Thank you Scott and Brandon for a truly great product. Ron C. 5/14
  • In a word WOW!  Just totally impressed with my Predator holster, the fit, finish, stitching, total quality!  I am so happy that I ordered from Wright Leather Works.  So what are you waiting for ORDER yours today!  Brandon & Scott Thank You!
    Terry S. 5/14
  • Just got my Predator yesterday. Almost 12 weeks to the day from ordering it. WORTH THE WAIT. Love it.I have bought several holsters from a major company (who shall remain nameless, it stars with a K). Great holsters but not as good quality and lots more money than Wright's. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. Now that I can see it and feel it in person, had I not known the price I would have guessed it would have sold for significantly more money.
    Thanks for a great product and great service. Dan A. 5/14
  • It is hard to write something new about the quality and workmanship of a Wright Leather Works' holster and belt--it's all been said many times before.  I received my Predator and bull hide belt last Thurs and loved both items out of the box.  These products not only met expectations, they exceeded them. The belt has become my everyday belt when I'm not wearing a suit whether I'm carrying or not. I decided to buy from WLW after seeing pictures of them and reading reviews on the CLOCK and S&W forums.  I couldn't find one negative comment, and after having time to use these products for a few days, the lack of negative comments is easy to understand.  A small business, that produces quality hand crafted products at a reasonable price, and has great customer service, is one that I won't hesitate to recommend to anyone.  If you’re looking for a leather holster or belt, Wright Leather Works should be your first and last stop. David M. 5/14
  • Yes, I'm one of those people who have a box full of holsters that just do not work for me. Now, I can honestly, say...I will look no further than Wright Leather Works!  
    These gents are wonderful to work with and my handcrafted Master Series Predator OWB Pancake holster is a thing of beauty.  I wanted the leather lined pancake for my Sig Sauer P238 as it has  the Nitron finish and I'd like to protect the finish as much as possible.  The Master Series Predator does just that.  The holster fit is perfect, the retention is spot on and it is tight to my body, so easy to conceal.  As a female, it can be difficult to find such a great holster that fits so well This holster is the Best.  If you are looking for a new holster for your pistol...look no further, Wright Leather Works is the answer! Sincerely, Felice C. 4/14
  • I just received my holster from you and wanted to say holy s**t this is beautiful and so well crafted I am happy to see that there is still beautifully handcrafted products made in America. Being in the Army and serving along side of my brothers and sisters in arms it's nice to see the American dream of a small business ownership making a product that is true to the quality this country was built on is with out a doubt one of the things that make serving easy. Again I want to thank all of you at Wright Leather Works for all of your hard work and not sacrificing quality and craftsmanship for speed and production volume. Respectfully Nathan SPC, United States Army 2/14
  • Great holsters and they fit my guns as if I sent them to be fitted. I got 2 predators in coffee for an XDS and SP101. I originally ordered a cruiser for the XDS but I called a few weeks later to change up to a predator and they said it was no problem. Glad I did because an IWB is not ideal for me right now. These predator models really sit nice against the body and do a good job of concealment, exactly what I was looking for. Nice job gentlemen, you have a customer for life. Dave 2/14
  • Just received my XDS back from a recall and it finally went into my Predator Holster.  All I can say it is a work of art, perfect in every way and well worth the money and wait.  An order for another will be on the way soon.  Thank you for your attention to detail. Brian Teddy 2/14
  • Just received the holster I ordered, the Predator for a "J" frame S&W.  I want to tell you that this is the BEST holster I have ever purchased.  I have a drawer full of other better known brands and from this day forward I will only purchase from Wright's.  The holster not only hugs my hip for concealment but it fit my pistol right out of the box.  I will sing your praises to all I come in contact with as the finest leather holster maker there is. Thank You so much for such a great product and it was more that worth the wait.  Mike Mayes 2/14
  • The entire experience  dealing with WRIGHT LEATHER WORKS has been an absolute pleasure. You guys are as honest as anyone could ever anticipate , except for one thing. Your description of this holster wasn't accurate. You simply didn't do this holster justice. The quality is like I've never seen before and I have lots of holsters from all the big name companies. The finish leather used to line this holster is the frosting on the cake of a holster that is a perfect fit, with an easy but secure hold and draw. I'm afraid that I can't say enough good about your Predator Holster from the Master collection, so I'll just say in ending that if every company put the quality into their product that you at Wright Leather Works put into yours, things like cars and all of their components would probably still be built in America. Thank you for a fine holster.
    Best regards,
    Dennis Dellarocco 1/14
  • I did a lot of internet research on holsters and I kept coming back to your site.  I really liked the looks of your holsters over all the others. I received my Predator a couple months ago and the actual holster far exceeded my expectations in quality and workmanship. The fit and retention are spot on!  I wear it with one of your gun belts and it is so comfortable and very easy to conceal.  I forget I am wearing it.  Most people end up with a drawer full of holsters, but if you want to avoid that....buy  a Wright holster first! Jerry 1/14
  • I have been working with my new holsters, breaking them in and getting used to them in general.  I have to say that I am totally satisfied with the fit, the finish and anything else that you would care to think of.  The last holster that satisfied me this completely was a Safariland purchased in the mid 70's.  You do a nice job and have good reason to be proud. Gil 1/14
  • Love it, purchased IWB (wasted $) on others.  I'm a small girl with a medium revolver, 20 oz, love my new holster.  Was going to a small automatic if this didn't work out, now I won't have too. Thank you, Wrights. Jannee 1/14
  • I received my holster a few weeks ago and just wanted to follow up with you.  BEST HOLSTER I'VE EVER OWNED!!!  Meticulous craftsmanship and materials, perfect fit, so comfortable I barely know it's there and excellent concealment!!!!! It is so much more comfortable than my crossbreed IWB holster, I couldn't be happier!  Thanks so much for such a spectacular hand crafted leather holster!!!!  You do fantastic work!!!! TJ Young 12/13
  • I received my Predator holster about 6 weeks ago, and absolutely had to reach out to you guys. I have worn this holster with my Glock 19 every day since getting it, and I must say this is absolutely the most comfortable and concealable holster I have ever worn (and I have a drawer full of gunleather to attest to that). I honestly wish I had found you guys sooner. The leather and stitching is some of the best I've ever seen, and it almost seems as if the gun was designed for the holster, not the other way around. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product, and I wish you guys success in the new year! Jordan in PA 12/13
  • After purchasing 3 holsters I am so impressed, over 35 years of LE experience and concealled carry I have finally found the best holster, my search has ended, this is the FINEST HOLSTER MADE with great customer service, keep up the good work and thank you. Larry Surkin , (defensive handgun trainer) 11/13
  • Received the holster & belt in today's mail. Well worth the wait. 100% satisfied. The quality of material and workmanship exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Thanks for producing products that match the advertising. Barry Sergeant 11/13
  • Amazing craftsmanship! 3 guys and I ordered our holsters and were waiting like kids for Christmas for them. I just wanted to say each holster was exceptionally well made and fitted to each of our guns. We each have tried different holsters and brands. None have measured up to this quality! I wore mine at least 12 hours after I got it and after about the 3rd hour, I nearly forgot it was there. Thank you for the attention to detail and my favorite holster! Justin Spradlin 10/13
  • Wow is all I can say. That holster fits like a glove. Tried it on outside and then inside the belt last evening when I got home. Spent about 20-25 min pulling the gun out and then re-holstering it. When I finished I sat down and watched a program with my wife and then the
    news, completely forgot I had it on. So comfortable. As my budget opens up I may have to replace my 1911 45 Galco and the Sig too. Fantastic workmanship. Well done guys. Bud Johnson 10/13
  • I am writing to thank you for sending me such an exceptional IWB holster. I have found nothing unsatisfactory about it and have come to prefer it over two other IWB holsters I have used. Your holster shall be the IWB holster I use regularly. Thank you for you attention to quality. Harvey Trees 10/13
  • Received the holster today. You guys are at the top of the craft in leather holsters. It doesn't get any better. Well done and 10 thumbs up! Thanks a million guys! Martin Marcinko 10/13
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new holster.  It took some time to locate someone willing to make a custom leather holster for an H&K P30 with a Viridian laser/light combo.  I saw an internet video clip recommending your company and decided to give you a call.  Not only was I impressed with your willingness to make the holster but with the very reasonable price for a custom holster.  My holster arrived today within the time frame quoted and boy am I impressed- the fit and finish is exceptional and the black color really compliments my pistol.  To anyone looking for a very high quality holster for a great price, with special features or not, I cannot recommend your company more highly. Dan 10/13
  • I received my Predator today for my M&P Shield and just wanted to reply letting you know how pleased I am!  As I told you when I made my order, I have many holsters from top Gunleather makers, and I have to say yours is on par with all the top craftsmen!  I'm wearing it as I write this and it's Extremely Comfortable, Excellent Fit, and conceals very well.  Thanks for offering the rush service that enabled me to get my holster in just a few weeks!  Keep up the Good Work! Marty Brown 10/13
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my holster in the mail today.  It's for my Springfield XDS with crimson trace laser.  It's everything that I could have hoped for. Fit and finish are excellent. The firearm fits tightly , and I have no worry that this holster will last me for many years. Thank you for such a fine quality holster at a price that was much less than the mass produced holsters cost. I will certainly return to Wright Leather Works for my future holster needs. Paul 09/13
  • Got my holster order yesterday & I'm wearing a couple today.  Love them! Amazing quality guys!  I have about (50) holsters at home cause I didn't have the perfect one, until now.  Well done, couldn't be happier!  Keep up the good work & I'm gonna tell/show all my buddies.  Thanks again & I'll probably get another (3) snap mag holsters for the (3) calibers I use. Cameron 08/2013
  • I want to send you a brief email thanking you and your staff for a job well done! My new Banshee holster is well made, stitched perfectly, is very comfortable and easy to re-holster. I have several different carry holsters and by far yours is the best! Michael 08/2013
  • Thank you so much! What a great quality holster! It was definately worth the wait ! You guys will getting more requests from me,and as soon as my friends see this from them as well. What a great quality product! Thanks again, Doug, 08/2013
  • Thanks for your quality product. The Regulator Cross Draw Holster is the best holster I have ever worn. It is perfect for a dual cross draw setup with two Springfield Armory XDs .45 ACP pistols. The slide sheild is a very important feature. I should replace my Glock 29SF shoulder holster with one of yours. I will look at your product line and try to decide what is best for me. I will recommend your fine craftsmanship and quality leather to others. Well worth the wait.
    Edward, 08/2013
  • Got my holster today. I am thrilled! The quality, craftsmanship and materials all exceed my expectations. I originally ordered from you because you were the only holster maker that I could find who would fit a LCR with the Lasermax laser. Man am I glad! You guys are awesome. Toben, 08/2013
  • Gentlemen, I received my Banshee, Marshal and clip magazine carrier for my Browing Hi-Power and you guys nailed it.  The level of craftmansips is evident and both holsters wear and carry exteremly well.  The height of the magazine carrier is perfect; most others carry much too low.  I have had holsters from most of the major manufacturers and custom makers and your product is on par with the best.  Keep up the great work. Chris
  • Finally received my holster for my nano, a little over 12 weeks but I have it. I want to say the craftsmanship is outstanding almost a piece of art. Which explains the waiting list your holsters. When you make a quality product like your is, and put your name all over it, everyone made and shipped out, then everything becomes important. That shows in your product. I have been wearing it since it came in and It is very comfortable, very concealable, and fits the gun like a glove. Thank you again, I will be sharing this holster with other conceal carry friends so you might be shipping more out to North Carolina. Keep up the good work and hope your company continues to thrive and grow. Harold
  • My Predator Holster and Bull Hide Belt came today! It WAS definitely worth the wait!! This is an awsome holster and that belt is GREAT! I will be ordring another belt in black. I am so proud of the quality that is in this holster that I am telling everyone I know to visit Wright Leather Works if they want a truly GREAT looking holster and belt! John
  • I just received my owb Regulator Crossdraw in mahogany for my S&W 642. I own about a dozen holsters and yours is incredible. I don't know how you can make such a work of art.  I might frame it instead of wear it. Thanks so much for making such a fine holster.  I can go on and on, but thanks. Since you've spoiled me for my 642, I'll have to figure out another holster. Wally
  • I just wanted to let you know how Pleased i am with my Cobra Hybrid Holster!! your Craftmanship is Incredible, this holster is Extremely Comfortable right out of the Box, my 1911 fits Perfectly!!! Thank you for a Great Product very much worth the wait!! Thank you again. Dan, NH
  • Brandon, Received my holster today, it is a thing of beauty! My gun fits like a glove, it rides so well that I literally almost don't know I'm carrying. Thanks, it was well worth the wait. Chuck
  • I have received my Predator OWB holster for my SIG Carry Nightmare 1911. It is hard to find quality holsters to fit the SIG slide profile, and this certainly fills the bill.  I am impressed with the quality of this holster.  I have a drawer full of “custom made” as well as factory made holsters, and this new holster far exceeds the quality of all of them.  The stitching work is flawless.  The coloration (mahogany) is well done and evenly covers all of the leather.  The fit of this holster amazed me.  It is snug, but not overly tight, allowing for quick “fitting”.  The cant is perfect for my OWB carry at the 4 o’clock position.  The day I received my Predator holster I was so impressed I immediately ordered a IWB BANSHEE for my SIG 1911 Ultra. John  W…. 1SG, US Army Retired.  Retired NRA Law Enforcement Pistol/Patrol Rifle Instructor/SWAT Team Commander

  • Having received my pancake holster, and it being partially broken in already, I just wanted to drop a line or two and tell you this is a finely crafted holster, without flaw. I absolutely love it, it is perfectly formed to my weapon, and I can wear shorter shirts due to the height of the belt loops. Excellent in every aspect, and well worth the wait. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Once again, EXCELLENT JOB! W. Ballard 

  • I received my holster yesterday, June 10th. It fits my NANO like a glove.Above and beyond being a holster, the craftsmanship on it is perfection. The staining, the stitching, the shape is beautiful. It is wonderful to see that craftsmanship in this country is alive and well and that a company like yours produces quality products at a fair price. My holster was well worth the wait. 
    Just received my Mag-clip holster to match my predator holster.  It is so beautiful and the workmanship of such a high quality that I wish we had an "Open carry" law here so I could proudly wear it for all to see.  The magazine fits perfectly.  The stitching is so perfect that you cannot tell where it begins, or ends.  Please thank all involved for putting out such a superior product.  My beautiful Predator holster now has a companion to keep it company.  I am now going back to the website to order a second holster, the Banshee. Continued wishes for success.  Herb, Texas
  • I received my predator holster for my Glock 23/19, and  it was well worth the wait! It fits my guns perfectly but, what is best about the holster is that when loaded, it sets close to my body diminishing the signature. The draw is smoothe, gets better as I use it. In this day and age, it is good to get the positive feedback. I am retired USA Special Forces soldier and this is one of the best holsters I have owned having carried for greater than 30 years.Thanks again! Paul W Fisher Jr, MSG, (RET) Special Forces 
De Oppresso Liber
  • I received my holster today, the craftsmanship is immaculate! It is a perfect fit and very low profile. I bought it for concealed carry but it is so nice, I may go open carry just to show it off! I am thrilled to have found your website and I am one PROUD owner. I already gave your business card to one of my friends. I wish all American Companies took this much pride in what they do. Hats off to you guys! Did I mention I love it? Thanks, Tony
  • I received my Banshee holster for my PT1911AR today, and wanted to say I'm blown away. The website doesn't do the holster justice. I mean, I was totally awe-struck when opened the package! One bad thing about the 1911 with rail is there is almost no holsters for it, at first I thought I made a terrible mistake by purchasing it. That changed today. Scott and Brandon, you are awesome at what you do, and I will wear this with pride for years to come. God has given you both an incredible gift.This is some of the best quality materials, and craftsmanship I have ever seen.  I'll keep sending the business your way. Thank you for your help.  Sincerely Mike
  • I just received my Banshee IWB lefty model for my Springfield XD9 sub compact. What a beautiful piece of work!!! It will be a perfect fit once I break in the leather. I’ve seen a lot of products touted to be something they are not. It is refreshing to receive a quality product that is all your company says it is. I will definitely tell my friends and anyone else who may ask about the outstanding quality and workmanship. Jerry
  • Got my OWB Predator in for my PPQ and I love it! First of all I was under a time crunch and these guys went to work and got it shipped to me before time. Great customer service with a true concern for my needs. The holster is very nice leather and finish. I really like how close it holds my PPQ to my body and good high ride positioning. Thank you guys for helping me and delivering a tremendous product. Dominick, Texas
  • I received my holster yesterday and I was tempted to call you right 
then and there. This has been bar none one of the best consumer experiences I 
have had yet. Your communication with me and follow ups have been spot on.
You understood exactly what I wanted and I am holding my "dream holster",
despite the fact that I was limited to making my custom orders over the 
internet and telephone. It is exactly what I envisioned. As a Military
Police, Marine Corps Officer I have used my fair share of holsters and this 
is one of the best. It fits perfectly with good retention, is the most
 comfortable carry I have had yet, keeps a low profile with minimum printing
 and to top it off is pleasing to the eyes. Thank you Brandon for your quick,
professional, and courteous customer service, I will definitely be pointing 
others your way. Capt Daniel V Mora, USMC
Commanding Officer, Range Company
Weapons Training Battalion, Stone Bay
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Wow, Wow. I am truly impressed with your design. That holster is AWESOME. Don't know how to thank you enough. I get concerned ordering online, However your contacting me, your personal time to call making sure about the order proves your Professionalism. I want to thank you personally Brandon for you time and great service. Please thank all involved. It was a pleasure doing business with you and trust me, I will show this off to everyone. Thanks Again. Ronnie, North Carolina
  • I just want to say thaks for making such a fantastic product. I was debating selling my XDM 4.5" .45 so I could purchase something a little bit easier to conceal. The standard Blackhawk style that comes with the XDM package carried the firearm decently but I felt it pushed it too far out from my body making it hard to conceal. I really dont like the attention I noticed in public so I ordered a SOB holster from you and I couldnt be happier. The craftmanship is superior to the Galco holsters I have for my other firearms. The leather is thick and the firearm fits perfectly. Any one looking to buy a WLW holster should get the belt too, made to fit the holster, compliments it well, and pars in the holster's quality. Thanks again, you have my future business!!!!! AJ, Arizona
  • I recently discovered Wright Leatherworks, and found the quality to be impeccable. The leather is thin but stiff, just as it should be. The design carries the pistol pulled in tightly against the body for the best concealment, and the execution of that design is flawless. Your choice of a fighting weapon is a package consisting of not only the firearm, but the ammunition and the holster. A cheap holster ruins the package, but a quality holster like this from Wright Leatherworks keeps the weapon secure, carries comfortably, and protects both the weapon and the wearer from abrasion. I highly recommend Wright Leatherworks for the right holster. Jeff Quinn,Gunblast.com
  • Just want to congratulate you guys on my holster. FANTASTIC!!!!!. Weapon fits perfect and the laser stays off. I appreciate everything you did to make this holster.  Once again, THANKS A LOT. George, Alabama
  • I wear your holster every day. I couldn't ask for a better holster. Y'all did an outstanding job!!! Bronson, Louisiana
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received the holster yesterday. It is perfect; exactly what I was looking for and of obvious quality and workmanship. You guys did a great job. ...the color is really nice too. I will be ordering from you again, I'm sure. Dave, Washington
  • Your quality workmanship sells itself I've had several inquiries about my 1911 holster and have referred many people to your site... your product is a work of art and I thank you for your attention to detail and your response to my questions was accurate and timely thanks again. Joseph, Maryland