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Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Sig Sauer P320 XCompact Holster

Please choose how you would like to carry your Sig Sauer P320 XCompact from one of our holster collections below. If you have optics installed you can choose from our "optic ready holsters".

If you have any rail accessories or fit questions, please contact or call (419) 307-6191.

Sig Sauer P320 XCompact

Sig P320 XCompact Holster

The robust Sig P320 XCompact Holster from Wright Leather Works LLC is a specialized carrying case for your pistol. It is a long-lasting holster that is accurately molded to fit your P320 XCompact model easily. The friction-fit holster provides adequate retention so that your gun stays secure the entire day through a hundred draws and reholsters. Be it concealed carry or range use, you will find a reliable holster for your Sig P320 XCompact at our store.

Why Choose Our Sig P320 XCompact Holster?

  • Perfect fit: Our holsters are designed specially for your Sig P320 XCompact. They fit seamlessly into the gun without any adjustments.
  • Top-quality materials: We use the finest American steer hides to make our P320 XCompact holsters. They are sturdy and won’t collapse.
  • Excels in concealment: Our P320 XCompact holsters provide great concealment. They are small, comfortable, lightweight, and ideal for conceal-carrying the P320 XCompact.

Features And Benefits

  • Secure hold: Our holsters' firm retention, which results from precise molding, secures your weapon. Your gun will not move, no matter how much you move.
  • Enclosed trigger guard: The holsters fully cover the trigger guard, preventing foreign objects from reaching the trigger.


What is the best OWB holster for the Sig P320 XCompact?

An OWB holster made of strong materials that provide adequate comfort throughout the day is the best for a Sig P320 XCompact. Such a holster fits the gun securely.

Is the Sig P320 XCompact a good carry gun?

Yes. The Sig P320 XCompact is an excellent concealed-carry weapon. It offers a good blend of size, capacity, and shootability.

Will a P320 carry fit in a P320 XCompact holster?

Yes. A P320 Carry can fit into a P320 XCompact Holster. However, because the XCompact pistol has a shorter barrel length, you may notice a gap of 0.3 inches at the muzzle.