Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Glock 40 Holster

Please choose how you would like to carry your Glock 40 from one of our holster collections below. If you have optics installed you can choose from our "optic ready holsters".

If you have any rail accessories or fit questions, please contact or call (419) 307-6191.

Glock 40

Glock 40 Leather Holster

The Glock 40 Holster by Wright Leather Works LLC is expertly crafted to give you the most satisfying concealed carry experience. It is tailor-made for the Glock 40 model, ensuring a precise and secure fit. Available in IWB (Inside the Waistband) and OWB (Outside the Waistband) styles, our holster gives you the freedom to take your pistol in the way you desire. It is designed to let you carry your weapon discreetly and comfortably. Moreover, the advanced design ensures that taking it on and off is a breeze.

Why Choose Our Glock 40 Holster?

  • Re-holster your gun quickly: Our Glock 40 Holster allows you to customize the retention, so you can re-holster your weapon soon after drawing it. The holster is well-suited for cases where a quick draw is paramount.
  • Easy to conceal: The low profile design of the Glock 40 Holster by Wright Leather Works LLC offers great concealability. It hugs close to your body for minimal printing.
  • Made of high-strength materials: Our Glock 40 Holster is made of the highest-quality hide. Its durable construction facilitates long-lasting performance.

Features And Benefits

  • Compatible with sights: The Glock 40 Holster can accommodate all standard sights and is also compatible with the Glock 40 Stream light.
  • Optimal comfort: Padded backings and adjustable belt clips enhance the comfort of the wearer over an extended period.
  • Lightweight: The holster weighs just a few pounds. No unwanted bulk will be added to your gun. As a result, you can use it comfortably all day long.


Which holsters fit a Glock 40?

Holsters that are made of strong leather with adjustable retention features fit a Glock 40 precisely. Such holsters facilitate quick and easy access to the weapon.

Is a Glock 40 good for concealed carry?

Yes. The Glock 40 is a good concealed-carry gun. It can be concealed pretty well with a specially-made holster and the right clothing.

How much does a Glock 40 hold?

The Glock 40 has a magazine capacity of 10 to 15 rounds. It has a 10mm caliber and no optional capacity.

Is a 40-caliber Glock a good gun?

Yes. The Glock 40 chambered in 40-caliber is an extremely accurate firearm. It is known for its precision and power. The Glock is ideal for hunting and personal defense.