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Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Glock 36 Holster

Please choose how you would like to carry your Glock 36 from one of our holster collections below. If you have optics installed you can choose from our "optic ready holsters".

If you have any rail accessories or fit questions, please contact or call (419) 307-6191.

Glock 36

Glock 36 Leather Holster

Secure your firearm confidently with the Glock 36 Holster by Wright Leather Works LLC. The premium leather construction makes it a solid option for serious shooters. Custom-molded for the Glock 36, the holster makes way for a secure fit. It fully conceals the trigger guard for optimal safety. The holster can be customized for personal comfort and ease of usage. Our versatile holster keeps your Glock 36 always within reach and ready for action.

Why Choose Our Glock 36 Holster?

  • Comfortable material: Our holster is made from the highest-grade leather. It disperses the pressure points that the firearm creates against the body and facilitates a comfortable carry experience every time.
  • Adjustable retention mechanism: You can tighten or loosen the fit of the holster on your firearm anytime. The adjustable retention mechanism gives you the flexibility to carry your weapon securely.
  • Various carry styles: Whether you carry IWB or OWB, our holster will accommodate it. Wright Leather Works LLC offers a fitting and strong holster for your weapon.

Features And Benefits

  • Secure fit: Our Glock 36 Holster is built with a custom-molded retention shell. It is molded to the dimensions of your gun, eliminating unwanted bulk and ensuring a secure fit.
  • Enclosed trigger guard: The full coverage of the trigger guard prevents the chances of accidental discharges. It ensures complete safety.
  • Concealment-focused design: Our holster provides maximum concealment without being uncomfortable. The design conceals the gun's grip, which is likely to print through your shirt.


Which holster fits Glock 36?

A holster made of a strong material with a fully covered trigger guard, sweat shield, and adjustable retention fits a Glock 36. It is available in IWB and OWB styles, ensuring a safe carry experience.

Will a Glock 36 fit in a Glock 19 holster?

A Glock 36 can fit in a Glock 19 Holster based on the design. If there is no thumb strap in the holster for the Glock 19, it will fit the Glock 36. Some holsters that are specifically designed for the Glock 36 will not fit a Glock 19 model. This is because the slide on the Glock 36 is slightly wider. It can be a little tight in the holster for a Glock 19 model.

Glock 36 is similar to which model of Glock?

The Glock 36 has a barrel and overall length similar to the Glock 30. The gun models are suited for self-defense and practical shooting.

Does a Glock 36 have a safety mechanism?

Yes. The Glock 36 has trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. These safeties work together and prevent accidental discharges.