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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Glock 19 Holster

Please choose how you would like to carry your Glock 19/23 from one of our holster collections below. If you have optics installed you can choose from our "optic ready holsters".

If you have any rail accessories or fit questions, please contact or call (419) 307-6191.

Glock 19

Glock 19 Holsters

The Glock 19 Holster by Wright Leather Works LLC is one of the most comfortable and adaptive concealed carry. It is precision molded and offers a secure fit for your firearm. This concealment holster is designed with adjustable retention to ensure that your firearm is well seated. No sharp edges or contours ensure that you don't feel any discomfort while wearing it. Made of the highest quality leather with a smooth interior, this holster will be extremely long-lasting. Your firearm will never be scratched when drawing or re-holstering.

Why Choose Our Glock 19 Holster?

  • Fully adjustable: Our Glock 19 Holster has a high degree of adjustable forward and reverse cant. Additionally, the adjustable ride height lets you carry the holster higher on your waist or achieve complete concealment.
  • Customizable: The holster by Wright Leather Works LLC is built to accommodate your firearm's modifications. It is customizable and easily accommodates lasers and optics.
  • Effective concealment: Our Glock 19 Holster has a smooth, slim shell and tuckable clips. It can be hidden with a simple T-shirt, and your weapon will stay fully concealed.

Features And Benefits

  • Durable materials: Our Glock 19 Holster is made of top-notch leather, which offers plenty of protection. The holster stays protected from bumps and abrasion.
  • Efficient retention: Our Glock 19 Holsters' adjustable retention ensures that the gun is seated stably and securely. It also facilitates quick and easy draw.
  • Full coverage of the trigger guard: The Glock 19 Holster by Wright Leather Works covers all access to the trigger. By reducing the risk of accidental discharges =, the holster ensures safety.


Is G19 good for concealed carry?

Yes. Glock 19 is an excellent concealed carry option. It is a compact gun with a 4-inch barrel and a 6.85-inch slide. This lets you shoot farther distances and allows for decent concealment.

What holster will a Glock 19 fit?

A Glock 19 will fit in an IWB holster with a level II retention system, adjustable cant, and full cover trigger guard. Hosters made for Glock 17, Glock 32, and Glock 44 are also compatible with Glock 19.

Where is the best place to conceal carry a Glock 19?

The best place to conceal carry a Glock 19 varies according to personal preferences and the shirt you are wearing. You can carry it in front of your body around the appendix area or at 3 o'clock with a 45-degree cant on the holster. Carrying a Glock 19 at 4 o'clock on the waistband also feels comfortable.

Can you pocket-carry a Glock 19?

If your pockets are large enough to accommodate a Glock 19, you can carry it in them. Ensure that you have deep pockets in your pants and shorts to keep Glock 19. Additionally, you can look for a pocket holster for your firearm.