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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Glock 17 Holster

Please choose how you would like to carry your Glock 17/22 from one of our holster collections below. If you have optics installed you can choose from our "optic ready holsters".

If you have any rail accessories or fit questions, please contact or call (419) 307-6191.

Glock 17

Glock 17 Leather Holster

Glock 17 Holster by Wright Leather Works® LLC is a sturdy and highly comfortable holster. It has retention mechanisms to retain your firearm and prevent it from falling off. The holster fully conceals Glock 17, which is often difficult to disguise due to its full size. It can be effectively hidden under your clothes. In addition, our Glock 17 Holster facilitates a smooth and natural draw stroke while securely retaining the gun when it is not being used.

Why Choose Our Glock 17 Holster?

  • Customizable cant - Our Glock 17 Holster lets you customize the cant for faster gun removal and the best concealment under your garments. Fine-tune the angle of the Glock 17 Holster for improved comfort.
  • Robust materials - To make the holster withstand the rigors of daily usage, we have used durable materials like premium leather in its construction. The top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship provide an ideal blend of durability and comfort.
  • Highly compatible - Our Glock 17 Holster features an advanced design. It is compatible with Glock 17 and additional accessories like tactical lights or laser sights, and it can accommodate various configurations of this pistol.

Features And Benefits

  • Complete trigger guard coverage: Our Glock 17 Holster offers complete coverage of the trigger guard of Glock 17. The opening is made so that you cannot accidentally keep your finger on the trigger while drawing it.
  • Ease of use: Made of the highest-quality leather, our Glock 17 Holster is easy to use. It ensures that you can retrieve your gun quickly, and the modern ergonomic design makes carrying the gun more comfortable.
  • Secure attachment: Wright Leather Works LLC’s Glock 17 Holster features a secure attachment. It provides stability during movement.
  • Lightweight and washable: This Glock 17 Holster is extremely lightweight. It is also waterproof and washable. The holster will never rot.


1. Is Glock 17 too big for concealed carry?

The Glock 17 is a full-sized gun for military use. Although it is big, you can conceal it with a holster. Besides, wearing loose-fitting clothing will also help you conceal your Glock 17.

2. What holsters will fit Glock 17?

Holsters specifically designed for Glock 17 have reliable retention mechanisms like adjustable screws or trigger guard locks. They have a slim profile and a design that minimizes printing under your garments. A secure attachment method in the holster also provides stability.

3. Is a Glock 17 a good CCW gun?

Glock 17 is a full-sized pistol designed for open carry, but with the right equipment, you can conceal it. Using Outside the Waistband (OWB) and Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) holsters are some good ways to conceal Glock 17 effectively.

4. Will a Glock 23 fit in a Glock 17 holster?

Some holsters made for Glock 17 fit Glock 23. This is because the frame sizes of both pistols are similar. So, you can use the holster interchangeably.