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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Leather Concealed Carry Holsters


Concealed Carry Holster

Get the best discreet carry experience with concealed carry holsters at Wright Leather Works. Our high-quality leather holsters feature natural retention and a customized design. The lightweight options are compact and minimize printing under your clothing. They fit your weapon securely, allowing quick accessibility and re-holstering. Moreover, the holsters fully cover the trigger guard so you can move confidently without any fear of accidental leakage.


Why Choose Our Concealed Carry Holsters?

  • Tailored Fit:Our concealed carry holsters are specifically designed for your specific handgun. Thus, they perfectly combine functionality, safety, and comfort. They retain your firearm better and can be worn for prolonged periods.
  • Streamlined Design:All our concealed carry holsters have a slim design and small footprint. You can easily disguise them without being bogged down by unwanted material.
  • High-Quality Leather:The holsters are made from tough leather fibers. They are resistant to environmental elements like extreme heat and moisture.


Features and Benefits

  • In-Built Retention:Your gun will stay protected through friction-fit retention in our holsters. The friction between the holster's interior and your gun keeps the weapon intact and prevents unwanted movements. 
  • Make Your Holster Tuckable: Many of our IWB holsters come with tuckable clips. The removable clips hook to the outside bottom of the belt. Moreover, the holster has four height adjustment holes. So you can easily tailor the ride height.




1. What type of holster is best for concealed carry? 

An IWB holster allows you to conceal your weapon and carry it comfortably. This kind of holster goes inside your trousers and pants and minimizes the appearance of your weapon. Since your gun sits close to your body, it gains the needed concealment.


2. What is the most comfortable position for a concealed carry holster?

The most comfortable position for a concealed carry holster depends on the kind of activity you are doing, the quality of your holster, and your gunbelt. Typically, 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock positions are considered the most comfortable for IWB holsters.


3. Should I use a holster for concealed carry?

Yes. Without a proper holster, your concealed firearm can cause an unintentional discharge. Also, your gun can shift or fall out of your pants. You will face difficulty in accessing your concealed-carry weapon without a well-designed holster.


4. What is the 4 o'clock position for concealed carry?

In the 4 o'clock position, you keep the weapon behind your hip and to the right side of the small of your back. If you are left-handed, this position becomes 7 o'clock. 


5. Is an outside-the-waistband holster considered concealed carry?

OWB holster can be used for discreetly carrying your firearm in some cases. If you wear a jacket or an oversized shirt with an OWB holster, you can carry your firearm concealed. Also, some OWB holsters come with a slight forward cant to assist with concealment. 6. Do shoulder holsters count as concealed carry? A shoulder holster can conceal a firearm. However, the concealment given will not be as good as a dedicated IWB holster. You can hide your shoulder holster under a large coat or loose garments.