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Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Covert™ Gun Magnet

Covert™ is a super strong N52 neodymium magnet with an approximate 60 lb. pull force. Available in 5 colors, these N52 magnets are beautifully handcrafted to be completely encapsulated in our 100% USA full grain leather. Not only will they hold your pistol or mag securely but they look great and are non-marring to your firearm. Use them to clean up the interior of your gun safe, in vehicle, or securely by your bed. Use them anywhere you want to covertly mount a firearm.

Measuring only 4" x 2-3/4" they are compact and easy to mount with the included 3/4" self drilling Phillips head screws.

Gun Magnet

Integrating precision engineering with discreet functionality, the Wright Leather Works® LLC Gun Magnet provides the perfect way to store your firearms. This solution, crafted with a powerful neodymium magnet, provides a safe, firm grip and allows for quick and easy access. Its slender design is attractive and makes good use of space. This gun magnet is suitable for installation in diverse settings, representing convenience and usefulness. Wright Leather Works® LLC's CovertTM N52 neodymium magnet has an intense draw force of about 60 lb. These exquisitely handmade N52 magnets come in five colors and are encased in our full-grain leather made entirely in the USA. They not only look fantastic but leave no marks on your handgun. They also grip your pistol or magazine firmly.

Why Choose Our Gun Magnet?
  • Superior Security: Wright Leather Works® LLC's Gun Magnet is designed with a neodymium magnet capable of holding firearms in place, giving you peace of mind about your safety.
  • Convenient: With the precision design of our Gun Magnet, inserting and removing firearms is easy and fast, giving you rapid access when needed.
  • Save Space in Style: If you want a discreet solution, try our Gun Magnet. This minimalist storage unit saves space. At the same time, its accessibility and security are maintained alike.
Features and Benefits
  • Strong Magnetic Force:Our Gun magnets use powerful neodymium magnets for the most secure grip. This permits reliable retention and a fast draw when necessary.
  • Mounting Choices:Our Gun magnets can be mounted almost anywhere you like, such as under tables, on walls, or even inside cars. Gun owners can, therefore, position their firearms at strategic points for quick access.
  • Space Efficient: Our Gun magnets take up less space because they can be positioned discreetly, allowing you to maximize storage without traditional holsters or gun racks.
  • Suitable For All Kinds of Firearms: Our Gun magnets can hold almost any kind of gun. They are often adaptable to hold guns of different sizes or types.
  • Minimalist Look:Our Gun magnets, with their minimalism, offer a simple and neat look. Without calling attention to themselves, this simplistic design makes them suitable for various settings.

Do magnets work on guns?

Yes, guns can be secured by magnets, and many gun owners use magnetic devices to access stored firearms quickly. These products are typically fashioned from strong neodymium magnets that lock the contents in place. They use space well and allow storing several firearms in a small area. Of course, proper installations and adherence to safety guidelines are critical to prevent accidents and ensure secure firearm storage.

What is the strongest gun magnet?

The strongest gun magnet can securely hide and install most weapons without tipping over or dropping, keeping you covered at all times. It should be able to hold up to 75 lbs. Our CovertTM N52 neodymium magnet is strong, with an intense draw force of around 60 lb.

What's a gun magnet?

Gun magnets, often called magnetic gun holsters or magnetic gun holders, are a practical storage solution that may be used to hang weapons magnetically on any suitable concealing location, including safe boxes, bedside tables, and car side panels.

What gun uses magnets?

A railgun, sometimes written as a rail gun, is a linear motor device that employs electromagnetic force to propel projectiles at high speeds. It is usually built as a weapon. Usually, the bullet is not loaded with explosives; instead, its great kinetic energy is what causes damage. Railguns use electromagnetic rails in electromagnetic-type firearms to launch projectiles at high speeds. In contrast, coilguns use a series of electromagnetic coils to achieve a similar effect.