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Questions? Call us (419)307-6191

Current Lead-time 8-10 weeks


Regulator® Cross Draw Holster

The Regulator® Cross Draw Holster offers a secure outside the waistband carry, thanks to its two 1-3/4" belt loops which provide a steady, reverse angled draw. This holster is ideal for sitting applications, like when driving, but the Regulator® can be a dependable holster in any situation.


Please note:

  • "Right Hand" indicates the holster will be worn on the left side.
  • "Left Hand" indicates the holster will be worn on the right side. 
Cross Draw Holsters

Our Cross Draw Holsters are made for both concealed and open carry. These precision-crafted holsters offer full trigger guard coverage and are hand-molded for a perfect fit. Our holsters can be adjusted according to your needs, ensuring they return to the holster after a draw. Because each quality holster is crafted by Wright Leather Works® LLC and designed individually, comfort function and custom fit work in perfect balance for a truly unmatched combination. Choose our Cross Holsters if beauty also counts!

Why Choose Our Cross-Draw Holsters?
  • Optimum Comfort and Accessibility:Our cross-draw holsters prioritize comfort. The draw position is convenient for both concealed and open carry. This allows for quick access to your gun any time it's required.
  • Precision Fit for Your Gun:Every holster is molded to your specific gun and leaves nothing to chance. It enhances your gun's safety and stability by holding your weapon in place firmly and securely.
  • Cut To Fit Your Body: You can vary the belt's tightness, ensuring the holder's grip is not affected. Customize your carrying options: It's better to be secure at your preferential level for comfort and need.
Features and Benefits
  • Secure Carry:With its two 1-3/4" belt loops, our Cross Draw Holster offers a secure carry outside the waistband, providing stability for the reverse-angled draw and controlled quick access.
  • Improved for Seated Applications: Because the Cross Draw Holster is best for seated applications like driving for hours, a design feature that makes it excellent among this holster is its comfort and accessibility without compromising security.
  • Trusted in Any Environment: Our Cross Draw holster is reliable for use in any situation regardless of task or circumstance, offering reliability and ease.

What is the purpose of a cross-draw holster?

A cross-draw holster is designed for sitting situations, such as in the driver's seat. It maintains accessibility and security and solves different carrying needs with high flexibility.

Is cross-draw better than strong-side carry?

A cross-draw holster is often advised for people who spend most of their days seated or behind the wheel. Because strong-side holsters require you to reach behind your hip, this method may also be gentler on aged or injured shoulders than strong-side carry.

What is the best cross-draw holster?

The finest cross-draw holsters combine high-quality leather and materials with expert workmanship to provide easy access and a perfect fit for your handgun. Because of its two 1-3/4" belt loops that give a stable, reverse-angled draw, our Regulator® Cross Draw Holster allows for a secure outside waistband carry. 

Is a cross-draw holster good?

It is good for those who spend most of their days sitting down. When you sit, the holster's location on your body is natural and doesn't impede you.

Why do people carry a cross-draw?

When seated, reaching across the torso is easier than reaching for the hip on the strong side. People who spend much time sitting down, such as bodyguards, long-distance truckers, wheelchair users, and others, carry a cross draw as a convenient alternative to other holstering techniques.