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Leather How to Choose the Best 1911 Holster?

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The single-action semi-automatic 1911 has made its mark in the firearm domain for a long time. However, when it comes to carrying it well, the importance of a good holster is undeniable. Shooters of all kinds often wonder how to choose the best 1911 holster. The best option is one that fits your specific 1911 model seamlessly, has strong retention, and is crafted from the highest-quality materials, like leather.

The holster is ergonomically built, ensuring uninterrupted use. Finding a great concealed-carry option for 1911 is not impossible but requires a thoughtful approach. Below, we will help you learn exactly how to choose the most appropriate one.

Ways to Pick the Best 1911 Concealed Carry Holster

Here are the major considerations you shouldn't forget when looking for a 1911 holster. They are applicable for finding a great 1911 holster for hiking, hunting, or competitive shooting.

High-Quality Construction

Classic, Master, and Signature collections

Holster material plays a crucial role in its reliability. You should choose an option defined by top-notch construction through leather, Kydex, Bolton, nylon, or neoprene. Kydex and leather holsters are ideal for 1911. Both are highly durable, comfortable, and secure. You can find the best 1911 holster made of leather at Wright Leather Works LLC. We use full-grain Hermann oak leather, which comes from the top layer of American steer hide.

All our Classic, Master, and Signature collections have high-performance options crafted from this finest leather variety. The material offers dependable protection for your 1911. Also, it is not abrasive against the zinc or manganese phosphate finish of several 1911 handguns.

Design and Fit

The next key element that should be a part of your selection process is the holster's design and fit. 1911 comes in various models. There is a huge variety of tactical and non-tactical options. Your goal should be to find a holster that fits perfectly with your 1911 model. It should be made specifically to hold your gun.

Custom fit ensures that your pistol cannot wiggle or move anywhere without your knowledge. For example, the best leather holster for 1911 is molded to the shape of your cocked or locked 1911. Tailored fit ensures that 1911 does not encounter unnecessary wear. In addition, if you use sights on the pistol, a customized fit makes way for seamless integration. Wright Leather Works Regulator Cross Draw Holster precisely fits the gun model for which it is built and is convenient for both concealed and open carry.

Your chosen holster should correspond with the following dimensions of your 1911 for optimal fit and protection:

  • Barrel length
  • Accessory rails for light and laser attachment
  • Your gun's specific frame and slide dimensions, according to its manufacturer.

Strong Retention

Strong Retention

If you are serious about investing in a top-notch holster for your 1911, make sure it has excellent retention. Retention is one of the biggest considerations as without it, your 1911 will fall out of the holster without your knowledge. The retention mechanisms in the 1911 holster are of different types.

The 1911 tactical holsters with leg harnesses come with a strap. It links to your belt with a few leg straps going around your thigh. Such holsters are great options if you wear a vest. Some conceal-carry holsters have automatic or auto-locking mechanisms. Also called self-locking systems, it is in the form of a hood or strap that goes over your handgun's top portion and locks it in place. When you want to take your gun out, press down and forward to move the strap out of the way.

Another excellent retention system is passive or natural retention. You will generally find it in 1911 leather holsters at Wright Leather Works. Natural or friction-fit retention comes from the precise molding of the holster according to your 1911's contours. It keeps your handgun locked in place regardless of your movement. To draw the gun, you need to pull upward forcefully from the holster. Our Predator Pancake is an OWB belt slide holster with 1-3/4" belt slots punched at a 15° cant. This facilitates optimum draw. The holster features a unique body shield customized for your firearm to make the draw smoother.

Style of the Holster

Banshee IWB holster

The best holster for you should have a style that gives you ease of access and comfort. For example, if you want to carry 1911 openly and not worry about concealment, explore OWB leather or Kydex holsters. They sit on your belt's exterior and are ideal for a large-sized 1911. For conceal-carrying, 1911 IWB holsters are good options. They reside inside your pants, and the belt only shows their clips or snaps. However, you need to ensure that you are wearing proper clothing while using an IWB holster.

Weight Leather Works Banshee IWB holster features high-ride leather belt straps and tuckable deep concealment clips. The straps are great for full-sized pistols like 1911 and feature heavy-duty Pull-the-Dot fasteners that can tolerate extreme pressure without unlocking. Other good holster styles for 1911 are shoulder holster and cross-draw holster. The former is ideal if you remain seated or are required to drive frequently. Cross-draw holsters are also recommended if you sit and drive for prolonged periods. But you need to draw across your torso with them. This requires some amount of practice, so it is great for seasoned shooters.

Trigger Guard Coverage

Trigger Guard protection is a must in every good holster for 1911. The holster should fully cover the trigger guard area so nothing can cause unintentional discharge. Also, it prevents you from inserting your finger into this area until the draw stroke is complete.

Full Firing Grip

Your aim while using a holster is to be able to draw the gun and fire without needing to adjust the grip. In other words, there should be an unimpeded firing grip of the draw. This kind of grip includes a straight contact between the trigger guard, your middle finger, and your thumb encircled fully around the gun's grip. There should be no contact between your shooting hand and the holster.

Level of Comfort

All 1911 sizes are for carrying every day. So, it goes without saying that your preferred holster should be comfortable. Those made from kydex and leather give optimal comfort. Comfort comes when your holster is according to the size of your pistol, has padded interiors, and aligns with your carry style. Besides, you must choose a sturdy belt to distribute its weight and make it more comfortable. Such holsters sit snugly against the body and conceal your gun without making your movements difficult.

Final Words

Choosing the best 1911 needs to be done with careful consideration. But it is surely worth the effort if you use the pistol frequently. Keep in mind the tips above to decide on a great option for yourself. After that, visit our store and find a carry system that works best for you.

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