Holster Upgrades

Our Master Collection line of holsters are nothing short of the finest in gun leather. The Master Collection upgrade to our holsters is now offerred in two different linings. Both options create a softer and smoother home for your firearm, while still keeping the form factor and weight at a minimum. 

Pig Skin - Soft and smooth. It is very thin giving the holster a less detailed mold. The extra layer does make for a stiffer holster.

Kip Skin (calf skin) - Extremely clean and soft leather, making it excellent for a liner. Slightly thicker than pig skin so it allows for a more detailed mold.

What is the advantage of the Master Collection upgrade? 

First and mainly, it creates a soft smooth interior to the holster which helps with finish wear on your firearm... but it will not prevent finish wear. Finish wear on a firearm that is holstered is inevitable. Holsters hold your firearm in place with friction. When you draw or holster your firearm you are rubbing the finish at those pinch points. In short, it helps delay the inevitable result of carrying a firearm...finish wear.

Second, you may experience a stiffer holster. Because of the lamination process, the more layers of materials with grain running in different directions coupled with cement securing them together results in added strength. This may require a little more time and effort during the break-in in process.

The Master Collection upgrade is available as an option to all of our holsters. Get one on order today by visiting our shop. If you have any questions please contact us.